Quick Update & a New Thing!


Here’s something you haven’t seen in awhile, a new post and update here on The Full Tummy. I have been struggling with this ankle injury a lot and while I can still do most things, I’ve finally admitted to myself that standing, cooking and anything that’s active in that way really take a toll on my body. It’s a super hard thing to process because I’m almost always on the go. I have ankle surgery in less than a month. Twenty one days to be exact. Three weeks exactly. I’m scared and very nervous, but there’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Thanks to Caitlin, her fiance Sean and a few other friends, I think I’ve figured out how to continue writing about food while battling this pre- and post-surgery. This new thing is “WTF Wednesdays“. The name is a little crass and very silly, but hey, so am I. I want this to become a way to learn how and why things are done a certain way in the kitchen. Al dente pasta, reductions, deglazing, all these “weird” terms that so many people read and hear but mutter “wtf” instead of understanding. I’m really excited about this because it means that I’ll be learning with you along the way.

You’ll also see some things being revamped and hopefully some new printable things when I finish the InDesign Adventure Guide! I’m going to IFBC again this year, so there will be posts about that and a million Instagram and Twitter posts of Anna and me taking over/causing a ruckus in Sacramento in a couple days. I’m going to work on sharing more awesome posts from my blogging friends and other things I love as well as my own as photos and graphics get updated as well.

There’s a lot of things happening right now. Prep for surgery, a last minute summer class that will help me get ready for grad school, as many adventures as I can manage before surgery. So there’s my little update. So many things are happening and I can’t wait to get them going.

1, 2, 3, let’s have fun.

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