A Baker’s Dozen

This week’s A Baker’s Dozen is a little more mellow than last week’s but is still exciting in different ways. Lots of fun things to talk about and get excited about as I FINALLY take this blogging thing more seriously. IFBC really lit a fire under me, and I love that the friends I made there keep stoking the flames and the ideas keep coming.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, and I am SO excited about it. This weekend though, is full of rest, cleaning, and regenerating after an insanely long week. And laundry. Lots of laundry, which is basically the worst thing ever. Next weekend I’ll be at TECHMunchLA on Saturday learning all about how to make this little baby better and at 6th Annual The Taste of the Pier & Waterfront in Redondo Beach on Sunday. Our little cities by the beach are chock full of amazing restaurants, breweries and all kinds of things and I’m VERY excited to show off this event. The weekend after that I’m heading to the Eastside Food Fest. I wanted to go last year, but didn’t have the ability to splurge so I decided to take advantage of that this year. So many things, right!? I’m so freaking excited.

This last week has been full of me trying to figure out this new, crazy early work schedule, my sleep schedule and get my life back together after Seattle. I’m still not quite there yet, so hopefully I’ll be a bit closer as this weekend comes to a close. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Here’s this week’s Baker’s Dozen, links, pictures and other awesome things:

  • I love foreign treats, but there are only a couple things above Tim Tams on this list. Guess what!? Sarah from The Sugar Hit just unleashed her cookbook and her friend Laura from Blogging Over Thyme gave us a preview of it’s amazingness by recreating her recipe for HOMEMADE TIM TAMS!!! You guys!! I can do a Tim Tam Slam this year!!
  • Speaking of cookbooks, Billy from Wit & Vinegar posted that his cookbook, Whip It Up is now available for pre-order! All I’m saying is that I would LOVE both of these books for Christmas if anyone is wondering, Mom.
  • Food 52 is amazing, as most people already know, but this list of 15 quick dinners is really going to make my new work schedule more bearable. My lunch break is at 10am, and I’m not quite ready to eat lunch then, so I snack throughout my entire shift. I want to make the majority of these already!
  • Remember when I said that Gaby was one of my favorite food bloggers? Well, now I’m extremely jealous of her latest announcement. Her family is going on a SURPRISE vacation! How cool is that?! I can’t wait to do this, either with friends or my future kids. Doesn’t really matter, if I’m being honest.
  • So, one of the coolest things about IFBC was the fact that Anolon gave away crepe pans! I’ve always wanted one, but I could never justify the expense because, I mean, how many crepes was I really going to make? Well, a bazillion apparently. There are beautiful and seasonal crepe cakes to be made!
  • Fall and Winter are my favorite season, not only because of the weather, but because of the food and the baking. If I could, I would bake something new every day, because I have a list hundreds of items long that I want to make. Luckily, TheKitchn’s month long Baking School starts tomorrow and you can still sign up! Who knows, I might just get lucky enough to make something as grand as I’d like this year!

I love being back on social media, so my Instagram game is stepping back up. I’m attempting the post a day challenge that Savannah is hosting, and making everything food themed! Exciting, right?!


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